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Healing with Pilar is a natural wellness program designed to help you live a healthier, more fulfilled life and prevent disease through a holistic approach. While my treatment therapies work well for those diagnosed with autoimmune disease, cancer, or are progressing through the phases of menopause, it’s also for daily living. For those who simply want to cleanse their bodies, strengthen their immune system and help prevent health challenges, this protocol is for you.

Through one-on-one sessions, I coach you with a focus on DETOX, PROPER NOURISHMENT, and ENERGIZING your body and mind.



In order to prepare the body for healing nutrients, we must first detoxify it of toxins like heavy metals, preservatives, chemicals and synthetic medications. Women handle stress, illness and aging much different than men. A thorough detox will allow your body to heal, lose weight, and absorb nutrients. Through coaching and proper practices, we will rid your body of toxins stored in the body’s tissues, cells and brain that affect metabolism, behavior and your immune system.

To continue to detoxify the body and begin to offer it essential vitamins, we step into nourish, phase two of the program. Two out of three women in America are affected by preventable, chronic disease. It’s my desire to partner with you and guide you into an alkaline diet. By implementing an alkaline diet for at least 90 days, we’ll fully detox your body and prepare it for healing. Your diet will be filled with avocado, spinach, garlic, cucumbers, grapefruit and other high alkaline foods. By maintaining a PH of at least 7.0, your body is primed to fight disease. I’ll show you how.

The third phase of the program, to energize, is the most important. A healthy immune system is built through detoxing, nutrition, vitamins and exercise. Stress depletes the body’s energetic balance, causing poor circulation, declining performance, premature aging and degenerative diseases. Regular Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) improves the body’s ability to repair cells and recover from illnesses.




Pulse Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy-1 Session $70


Regenetron Mat $4,000

Pulse 4Life $8,000

    PEMF 500 $15,500

Wellness begins today

Hand-Selected Wellness Products

On the other side of your worry, sickness, and failing health is an energized body. Whether you’re preparing for medical treatment or working to prevent it, my hand-selected wellness products are designed to cleanse your body from the inside out. Your journey of healing begins today. It’s time to take the first step.



“I use to suffer from Migraines, allergies and fatigue. Pilar’s protocol has changed my life. I have energy, allergies and migraines are gone!”

Gloria Garza

“My experience with probiotics and food allergies has been a tough battle. I have tried and tested multiple brands that either made no difference or have caused an allergic response..inflammation, fatigue, hives, constipation etc. , since trying Pilar’s liquid BIOTICS  which I been using for a few months I have seen an improvement in digestion, regular bowel movements, less reaction to food allergies, and less fatigue and over better health. I have also been doing PEMF with Pilar for about 2 yrs now and feel combined with the BIOTICS has only given me faster results including balanced mood, less anxiety and depression, more clarity, alertness, less physical pain, and more energy. I’m so grateful to have Pilar’s expertise and knowledge based on her research and her own personal experiences.”

Ryan Garza

I have been working with Pilar for about 18 months.  I am an ovarian cancer survivor since 2005 and I thought I knew a lot about health.  Working with Pilar has shown me that I could obtain a much higher level of health.  She has been such a great example for me and she greatly helped me with through fear I was experiencing about the cancer recurring.

I have so much respect for Pilar and her knowledge and compassion.  She is a great listener and is so patient and caring when I am struggling with an issue.  In the process, she has become a good friend.   Her protocol really works.  I consider Pilar to be a gifted healer.

Valerie Ward

I have been going to see Pilar for about 3 years. Her protocol has worked for me reducing the size of tumors on my breast and ovaries. I did not want to do chemo. I am a firm believer in PEMF therapy. It has helped me in my Cancer Journey. I also take her supplements. Love the Moringa Capsules and Hemp Oil.

Sarah Borrego

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