PEMF Machines



Pulse Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is delivered via specialized and powerful machines. Healing With Pilar offers PEMF machines that can be purchased through a phone call with Pilar to discover which treatment solution is best for your needs. The selection of PEMF machines for sale range in price from $4,000- $24,000 and include complimentary training and free shipping inside the U.S.



As the smallest, most portable PEMF therapy machine, the Regentron is perfect to help with more restful sleep, clear your mind, and relieve stress. Use the machine’s specific settings to help in the area you need it most.

  • 8 Hours Sleep Setting: Slide the paddle or mat under your pillow to retrain your brain to dominate in slower brainwaves while you sleep.
  • Alert Setting: Boost your brain into faster brainwaves for a high functioning and clear mind.
  • Euphoric and Grounded: Relieve the stress with a touch of a button. Feel closer to a meditative state, ground yourself and get in touch with the earth.

The Regenetron Unit comes standard with a 5” paddle, charger and coupler, and large therapy mat.



For a natural, simplified way to treat your health, manage pain or reduce inflammation, the PMT-300 from Pulse4Life is a simple, lightweight machine that has been shown to offer results. The pulsed electromagnetic technology is easy to use. Choose your treatment time, push start, and adjust the intensity dial to your desired strength. The PMT-300 can be used at home or on-the-go for business travel or vacation. Of the Solid State Digital units, this model is the strongest available. It arrives safety tested and ready to use with 110v U.S.A. or 220v International power requirements.


P4L Mini Tote

At under 6 pounds, the Pulse4Life P4L Mini Tote is designed for home or practitioner use. The device is equipped with a small 7” double loop, small 14” single loop, therapy mat, and carrying case. Whether your health concern stems from inflammation or a chronic disease like diabetes, PEMF therapy with the P4L Mini Tote is effective and convenient. While the tote measures in at just 10.25” long and 12.5” wide, it offers 120 to 230 VAC.



The MPT-500 is an advaced PEMF therapy machine that offers two sides for plugging your attachments. It’s easy to control the functionality of this unit and the intensity can be controlled on either side. The machine weighs about 8 pounds, making it easy to move for travel. It is ready for 110v USA or 220v International power requirements. The machine comes with a 7” small double loop, 14” small single loop, 7” single paddle, and a therapy mat.



Often referred to as the foundation of PEMF devices, the PMT-120 has an intensity dial that you adjust from low to high. This unit can be used in your home or at a medical office. The unit is prepped for 110v USA or 220v International power requirements. The weight of the unit can vary depending on the style you order. With years of use documented across the United State and internationally, the PMT-120 is one of the most popular PEMF therapy units. The machine comes with a 7” small double loop, 14” small single loop, long treatment chord, and a therapy mat.

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