Wellness Coaching

Pilar’s Wellness Coaching

Pilar’s Wellness Coaching sessions are a personalized approach to discover the root of physical, mental or spiritual challenges and create solutions through a one-on-one coaching approach. There is no one size fits all solution, so I take the time to make a personal investment in each of my clients. 


During the first wellness coaching consultation, we’ll have an in-depth conversation that reveals the root of your challenge. It’s my mission to first understand your needs so I can develop a customized protocol that will offer the benefits you personally need to better your life physically, mentally or spiritually. We’ll delve into topics like your stress level, diet, personality, and activity level. 


Based on the information you reveal, I’ll build a custom detox plan centered around the right supplements that best fit your needs. We’ll talk about how many sessions of PEMF therapy are needed and what other therapies should be added to your protocol for your desired results. By the end of our first wellness coaching consultation, we’ll map out a plan of how many coaching sessions are needed for each month and build a coaching schedule. 


  • Initial wellness coaching consultation: 50-minute phone call $100
  • Initial wellness coaching consultation: In person $150
  • Wellness coaching sessions: Four 30-minute phone calls $180


Pilar’s Wellness Coaching helps you build accountability in each of your life choices. From diet and nutrition to mindfulness and emotional balance, time spent in each coaching session will guide you toward the more fulfilling life you want to live.