Pilar Davila’s Story

How It Began

After treating Ovarian Stromal Sarcoma Stage 3 Cancer with surgery and a full hysterectomy in 2010, doctors revealed to Pilar that the disease had returned with a vengeance just four years later. In 2014, the cancer was back, and it had spread to Pilar’s liver, pelvis, and colon. With little hope from conventional medicine, Pilar was determined to find a better answer and take her health into her own hands.

Through relentless research and tireless dedication, Pilar discovered alternative protocols by traveling to different clinics. In order to treat her body and heal at home, Pilar needed to create her own wellness protocol. By creating a unique combination of therapies, nutrition, supplements and mantras, Pilar began to notice a radical change in her body. 

Overcoming cancer was not going to be accomplished in a matter of weeks, but with discipline, dedication, and the desire to live,

 Pilar recovered from the disease and is now happy and healthier than she’s ever been. As with all good things in life, Pilar had to share the wellness program that not only changed but saved her life.While Pilar’s journey was one of necessity, the protocol she created is ideal for all bodies. Treating your body well doesn’t have to begin with a detrimental diagnosis. It can begin now. Whether you simply want to feel better as you take on daily tasks or you’re determined to extend your years with organic wellness, Healing with Pilar is the place to begin.

Dr. Kelly Turner and Pilar Davila

Dr. Kelly Turne and Pilar Davila

Dr. Kelly Turner, Chris Wark and Pilar Davila


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Pulse Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy uses a powerful process of directing pulsed energy waves toward harmed or damaged areas of your body. The completely pain-free process allows the energy waves to quickly pass through the cells within the injured area. The waves increase the movement of electrons in your body, restoring the cell’s power, or energy. The energizing effect can last for up to four days following a treatment session. Put simply, PEMF allows electricity into specific cells in your body to stimulate the healing process.




Oxygenate Cells

Improve Energy

Promote Gealing

Reduce Pain

Reduce Inflamation

Weight Loss